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My studio is in my kitchen which overlooks the South River. While it might be nice to have a separate studio space like many artists, my whole home is committed to the development of my art. The main reason for my home studio, though, is that I like to be around my animal companions. When not at home with my rescue cats and rabbit, I am with my lovely horses. My rides in the woods often provide me with inspiration, although the horses themselves  inspire me. I like urban life, but my animals would not. Besides, I like life on the river.

Below is a collection of images of the views and the animals that keep me happy. What is nice about my studio, is it functions as a den, and I can also have my friends visit me while I work, too.  I tend to be reclusive, but I have to remember no one is an island, even if that island is populated with animals. I try to make space for my friends and family. The image of the crazed artist alone in her studio who never goes out doesn't appeal to me. . . even if I might sometimes resemble that stereotype.

These are just snapshots from my life. Nothing momentous. Just a little bit about what makes me happy. When I am happy is when I am most creative.