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title: Independent Spinster

size: 22" x 38"

Independent Spinster

22" x 38" (2) $1200

This is the original sketch.

The title of this piece comes from the newspaper  article that I found and had to put into this piece. In order to come out of a slump and to prepare myself for a trip to Italy, I started doing the sketchbook challenge. I got into the habit of sketching daily. I am not at all sure what inspired the sketch, but once I'd done it, I knew that I would make it just as it is in the sketchbook.  Feathers on the left, bird on the right.

As a woman in her 40's who has never  married, it amused me to put what very strong women of 1903  thought  of what would become of the independent spinster. Mind you, the word spinster comes from the term applied to the oldest, unmarried daughter in a house, because she had to do the spinning. Making the yarn for the entire household with a walking wheel is not a fun task.

People worry that I'm being self critical when I talk about my spinsterhood, but I'm just stating a fact. On most days I enjoy my independence and freedom.

Even though the bird doesn't look like the traditional, eastern phoenix, in my mind, it is. And the eastern phoenix is the symbol for the queen . Yet, it is not the peahen that is striking, it is the peacock.

It was simply too fun for me to not to combine the article with this image.

As I had Saturday, October 6 and Sunday October 7, 1903 papers, I was able to the Saturday paper's advertising for the upcoming article in the Sunday Supplement, "The future of the independent spinster is exhaustively discussed by clever women."

New York Herald, Sunday, October 11, 1903